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Prepare to tackle pseudoscience head-on with this new planetarium show. This planetarium program is based on the popular book and website of the same name. Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait is the Bad Astronomer. He's not a subject of the show and he's not a "bad" astronomer -- Dr. Plait just can't stand to see bad astronomy in the movies, in commercials, and generally anywhere in our popular culture. 'Bad Astronomy' offers a unique and fun approach to learning about the cosmos. The Bad Astronomer himself will serve as our guide while offering a critical but light-hearted look at popular myths and misconceptions, revealing to audiences how science can be used to evaluate questionable claims. In order to set the record straight, Dr. Plait debunks urban legends such as the faked Moon landing, alien visits to Earth, and horoscopes that can predict your future.

Added by Upcoming Robot on January 1, 2010