1624 NW Glisan Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

Back Fence PDX is a live storytelling series in Portland, OR. Real people tell true, unmemorized stories based on the theme, Fish Out of Water.

Featuring great people like:

Tara Dublin, 94.7's mid-day host, survived New Jersey in the late-80's by the skin of her alternachick teeth. She's lived in Georgia, New Jersey and New York City and has been a Durannie since the ripe old age of 12.

Andrew Monko is an aspiring entertainment specialist in Seattle, WA. As a recovering niche magazine publisher, he's just trying to find his way in this world. Someday -- although not presently -- he may promote himself on a website like "http://andrew-island.net" or "http://magicalmonko.com."

Shelley McLendon is a member of Portland improv faves, The Liberators, and the up and coming sketch comedy duo, Eastland Academy (along with Back Fence hottie Frayn Masters!) Her hilarity knows no bounds, however, as she has also spread her goodness to audiences at Mortified, Live Wire, and The 48 Hour Film Festival. Shelley was born in Long Beach, California, and attended high school in the same district as Snoop Dogg, Cameron Diaz, and the girl that played Doogie Houser's girlfriend.

Nate Angell is an accidental open-source evangelist. Born in 1964 to a generation without a name, Nate Angell was raised in rural Colorado. First in Evergreen, then later on a 400-acre ranch in the middle of nowhere and way too close to Utah.

Mic Crenshaw is a veteran emcee, activist, poet and educator. In 2004 Crenshaw traveled to Rwanda for a youth empowerment and economic justice summit and has since helped set up a computer center in Burundi Central Africa through his non profit Global Fam. Crenshaw recently released his debut solo album entitled "Thinking Out Loud" available online, in stores and in person.

NPR essayist and Las Vegas public defender, Dayvid Figler.

Dave Weich is the marketing director at Powell's bookstore in Portland, OR.

Official Website: http://backfencepdx.wordpress.com

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