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On October 22nd at 8 p.m., Back Fence PDX and storytellers Beth Lisick, Sarah Gilbert, Slim Moon, Tina Newton, Dave Jarecki, Sadie Medley and David Bragdon will take to the stage at Urban Grind East for a raucous evening of storytelling. Each of the six storytellers will tell an eight-minute, unscripted story related to this month's theme: Just Can't Get Enough; Getting Stuffed and Being Stuffed. Intermission entertainment includes belly dancing by Bellypalooza and food, wine and beer will be available.

Presenting Our Storytellers:

San Francisco author and Porchlight co-founder, Beth Lisick. Beth Lisick is the author of two books, Everybody into the Pool and Helping Me Help Myself.

Sarah Gilbert was once an investment banker. Her transition to the dotcom world looks prescient in retrospect. Now she works from home managing financial blogs for AOL and writes away the wee hours after her three little boys fall asleep.

Slim Moon still thinks of himself as a punk rocker, after all these years. After 17 years at record labels as founder of Kill Rock Stars and later briefly working as an "A&R guy" for the Warner Music Group, Slim is happy to now be pursuing his true calling in life - helping artists he loves - in the way that best suits him - artist management. Notable artists that Slim has worked with in his life include Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, Miranda July, The Decemberists, The Gossip, and Deerhoof, among literally hundreds of others...

Tina Newton is the founder and color genius behind Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the company that makes the perpetually popular sock yarn, Socks that Rock. Tina has a fertile imagination and the practical creativity to support it. This energy is contagious and inspiring. She loves sharing her vision and working with others. This is the spirit of Blue Moon.

Dave Jarecki founded Breakerboy Communications to provide strategic messaging, copy and grant writing services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Writing workshops started in 2005. He likes working with kids because they're smarter and funnier than adults. Recently, a student in one of his workshops said, I have three weekends between now and next Sunday.

Sadie Medley has her finger in a whole bunch of pies. By day, she is a freelance graphic designer and creative thinker-chick. By late afternoon she can be found teaching people to stay calm while standing on their heads. In the early evenings she sings opera, and lately, she is obsessed with becoming a voice over actor. Her mutable, and restless personality make this type of life feasible.

David Bragdon became the Metro Council's first regionally elected President on Jan. 6, 2003, representing the voters of the metropolitan region.Under David's leadership as Council President, the Metro Council has undertaken new initiatives to preserve natural areas and protect water quality, support thriving neighborhoods, create jobs and economic prosperity, and improve our transportation network. He's a native Portlander.

Bellypalooza consists of members from local belly dancing troupe Tigerlillys and solo-dancer Miriam. They enjoy shiny objects, phat beats, and womanly forms.

Back Fence PDX is the kissing cousin to San Francisco's Porchlight Storytelling Series.

Back Fence PDX is an evening with six people telling their true eight-minute stories based on the month's theme. The stories must not have been performed publicly prior to their Back Fence PDX telling. We are also a blog with a weekly story by a writer, blogger, or someone with an unusual story about the topic.

Official Website: http://backfencepdx.wordpress.com/

Added by Melissa Lion on September 29, 2008