Bradford, England

b.TWEEN is the UK’s biggest annual interactive media industry gathering. It is designed to inform and inspire leaders of companies that exploit digital technologies in innovative ways

Business is heading into uncharted waters. The line between producer and audience is increasingly blurred. This is a time of massive commercial potential for entrepreneurs

How are branders/ marketers/ broadcasters surviving in the new industrial landscape?

How do producers decide which ideas to develop and which to trash?

How can a potential buyer be a co-designer?

How can the power of online communities be harnessed? How are successful communities developed and maintained?

At what stage should a web 2.0 company be sold? Should you sell? What do investors look for? Is investment the right route?

b.TWEEN 07 will explore these questions and provide the inspiration to make your company stand out from the crowd. The forum encourages presenters and delegates to meet in creative workshops. Delegates are tell their story to other delegates in Quickfire sessions. Industry experts offer one to one sessions

People across the globe tune into live streams and join discussions through chat rooms projected into the main presentation arenas


Micro Company/freelancers - £210

Companies (10-250 staff) - £320

Organisation/public sector - £410

Students - £160


Micro company/freelancers : £115

Companies (10-250 Staff): £175

Organisation/public sector : £235

Students : £85

For more information, e-mail or call Alex [email protected] 0114 221 0589

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