328 Gray's Inn Road
London, England WC1X

Fun Goth Club night:

B-Movie will be back in March with one of our occasional Western themed shebangs, so bust out your home pride covered dusters and your shootin' irons for B-Movie: Cat Ballou where drunken gunslingers and punk rock collide (and it is also my birthday).

I'm pleased to announce that our season of special guest DJ's kicks off again with the legendary south-of-the-river stalwart, Ziggy takes his turn on the wheels of steel, alongside your resident DJs.

Break out a tin of beans and smear a reminder on the side of your covered wagons - B-Movie - March 10th

The doors open at 8, and all drinks are ?2.50 until 10. Come early, soak up a little of the atmosphere, down 12 fingers of sippin' whiskey and get ready to rock.

Added by Anthony Steele on February 19, 2006