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Physical or emotional crisis is a call to awaken. I invite you to use this crisis to create true healing and long term wellness.

That sounds great, right? Maybe you think you’re doing everything you can do, already.

If you imagine that getting enough exercise, eating organics, and not smoking are the only things you need to do to have a long and healthy life, think again. There’s a lot more to your body system than mechanics ~ and when you relate to your body consciously, miracles can happen.

Let’s awaken your innate power to heal.
Your physical body is the grossest manifestation of the energy that is you. Your energetic body is what defines your health and wellness. A lack or blockage of energy in any area of the body created the health crisis that you are currently experiencing. Clearing your energy field, unblocking your energy, and changing your mind will be required. Your healing starts with you.

In this workshop, you will:
Learn the principles of shamanic healing and energy medicine
Remove the inner blockages that are causing your health issues
Reconnect to your inner capacity for healing
Align with wellness and a positive, healthy future ~ permanently
You’ll be poised for a miracle.

You can create the kind of health you always hoped was possible.
And why would you NOT want that for yourself? Your children and your grandchildren will thank you. Your partner will thank you. Your wallet will thank you. Your body will thank you. Sounds like a win all around.

Official Website: http://goo.gl/HCTu3

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