455 12 Street NW
Calgary, Alberta

Can we organize Calgary differently and craft more fulfilling lifestyles
so tar sands extraction can become an unnecessary evil?

Oil sands development is one of the biggest industrial projects in the
world, and Alberta’s tar sands contain the largest remaining deposits
of oil in the world. The negative environmental and social impacts of
this development are a growing concern for Albertans and Canadians.

But more environmental protection and better social planning in the
Wood Buffalo region are only part of the story. Our urban lifestyles and
urban planning decisions drive oil sands development. Join us to
explore possibilities for organizing Calgary differently and for crafting
more fulfilling lifestyles so tar sands extraction becomes an
unnecessary evil.

Noel Keough is Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design at the
University of Calgary and Senior Researcher with Sustainable
Calgary Society. He has worked as a professional engineer in the oil
patch, an environmental consultant, and a community development specialist. Over the last 20 years, his work has taken him to Asia,
Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central America, and across
Canada, including to his native Newfoundland.

Cost: $5 per person; $1 for children

Please call (403) 283-2025 for reservations.

Official Website: http://www.albertawilderness.ca

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