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A panel will discuss preventative and curative steps people can take to insure a healthy heart, body and brain, including practical steps to take to prevent if not reverse cardiovascular disease and brain disorders.
Dr. Houston will discuss many paths and insults that can lead to cardiac disease. Regardless of the type of insult, the body has only a limited number of ways to react to such insults. Steps to undue this damage include exercise, diet, supplements, and a good night's sleep.

The brain is the most important organ and controls the rest of the body and is affected by conditions in the body. It orchestrates and closely interacts with body functions and perhaps spiritual orientation. All parts of the body are interconnected. Brain disease could be the scourge of the Baby Boomers and generations to follow. There are certain factors that lead to dementia. Dr. Smith will discuss the steps to reduce these risk factors if not reverse brain disease.

Dr. Smayda, an expert in brain-based medicine, works in assessing neurotransmitters, brain mapping, and reversing dementia. An imbalance in neurotransmitters can be the direct cause of many medical problems. By understanding the causes of the imbalance of the imbalances, the brain chemistry can be restored and repaired resulting in a restoration of body health. With the adage that a body is as old as its oldest part, Dr. Smayda will discuss brain mapping to assess the health of the brain and will highlight how the health of all parts of the body results in brain health and vice versa.

The speakers:
Mark Houston, MD, Author What Your Doctor My not Tell You About Hypertension & What Your Doctor May not Tell You About Heart Disease
Pam Smith, MD, MPH Director Center for Healthy Living and Longevity, International speaker and author HRT: the Answers and Vitamins Hype or Hope
Richard Smayda, DO, coauthor of The Healing Nutrients Within & journal articles, an expert at brain mapping and orchestration of body and brain.

Official Website: http://tickets.commonwealthclub.org

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