515 7th st
Reno, Nevada 89502

The Reno Area's Premier Professional Haunted House Attraction

The Doctor's Diagnosis for you: TERROR

The Doctor's Prescription for you: FACE YOUR FEARS

. . . then run screaming for your life . . .

Show opens and runs OCTOBER 9th-31st on select dates.

Over the last decade, there had been reports of strange disfigured creatures in and around the grounds, whisperings of disembodied spirits drifting through the walls of the building and accounts of blood curdling screams coming from deep within the manor. Various individuals and families have moved into the manor since the terrible tragedy, though none have stayed long. Some have fled in abject terror, others taken away in a state of babbling madness and others still simply just mysteriously disappearing without a trace; yet, many still dare to tempt fate and face The Curse of Dr. Carnage.

Official Website: http://www.hauntedhousereno.com/

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