20 Greene St
New York City, New York 10013

a multimedia immersion performance by
Randy Gibson and Ana Baer-Carrillo


Randy Gibson (piano, crotales)
Mike Rugnetta (guitar, banjo)
Laine Rettmer (voice)

Ana Baer-Carrillo (video)
Alicia Wargo (costumes, sculpture)
Oscar Henriquez (design)

tickets $15-$50.

“Anger” is an evening-length multidisciplinary work that deals with issues of major ordeal in the contemporary setting. Originally sprung from an intense feeling of pain and anger, "Anger" has developed into an idiosyncratic expression of the human condition. From birth, the human experience is multifaceted and contradictory, delightfully painful; at its most, this experience is bursting with excitement and passion, sorrow and anger.

Official Website: http://www.avantmedia.org

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