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Burlingame, California 94010

Hey, gamers, want four non-stop days of gaming?
Avalon Game Conventions continues the ConQuest tradition, bringing four, fun-filled days of gaming to San Francisco! ConQuest SF will feature events from all areas of adventure gaming including role-playing, miniatures, card, classic, board, collectibles, historicals, RPGA and more!
September 1-4 , 2006 at the
Airport Marriott San Francisco
They are currently seeking game masters for every type of game, as well as other volunteers. They have several ways for you to be able to contribute to making this convention better, and Volunteers and GMs, who serve at least eight verifiable hours on-site in any capacity, will earn a 4-Day badge!. (It should be noted that the time it takes for you to setup and take down a game, particularly in miniature games, counts as time served.)
I (Stephanie Rector, a Sacramento-based game club organizer), am volunteering this year at ConQuest SF as a volunteer coordinator. Meaning it's my assignment to recruit you to give a hand -- and, if you ask some people, including me, volunteering can be the most fun (as well as economical) way to be involved in a convention.
To be a GM, here are some guidelines: We want everyone to have fun, and this is a chance for you to teach the games you love to other people, and hopefully find some people to play with in the future. Of course we will need to make certain that you wish to make the commitment to help the players to have fun. To assist with that, here are some basics for EVERY GM.

(1) At least 8 verifiable hours of games must be run to earn a free admission for the entire convention.
(2) You must be capable of teaching the game to new players.
(3) You must be able to supply the basic materials(Game, dice, photocopies, etc.) for your game.
(4) You must be at least 18 years of age.

By submitting your events to ConQuest, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
(1) You will begin and end your events at the time specified.
(2) You will allow only attendees with the appropriate badge to participate in your events.
(3) You will not move your events from their scheduled locations or occupy more space than allocated without the approval of ConQuest Admin.
(4) You understand that running events at ConQuest does not make you an employee of ConQuest, or any Exhibitor.

Volunteers are needed to work the registration, flea market and bazaar areas. Working at least 8 verifiable hours in one, or a combination, of these areas earns you a free admission for the entire convention.
Volunteers and GM's must pre-register for a 4-day badge for the convention. After you have pre-registered and worked at least 8 hours (those hours must be verified by a coordinatory), your credit card will be credited the full amount you paid or you will be refunded at the convention in cash depending on the date you pre-registered. If you register online 60 days prior to the convention your credit card will be credited.
Gamemasters For all types of games, please go to the Submit Event http://www.avalonconventions.com/conquestsf/submit.php
page to sign up for a game you wish to run.
Game Demos For all types of games, please email [email protected] to sign up for a game you wish to demo at the con.
Volunteer Staff To man the registration desk, flea market, and other areas of the con, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]
Photographer(s) We need more Photographers, please contact [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.conquestsf.com

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Can't wait. I'll mostly be in the kids' room, but hope to join some kind of fabulous war game. Airplanes or... well, anything scary and complicated that has a hex map and a ton of little armies.