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UK traffic signs are renowned for their quality, clarity and consistency. Despite the large number of people involved in traffic signing, many of whom have received scant training, this situation persists thanks to traffic signs being prescribed by law with a limited range of permitted variants, and because they are governed by probably the world’s most comprehensive style guide: the six volumes of the Traffic Signs Manual and 1000 DfT working drawings. This strict regulation makes their design amenable to full and partial automation, and Simon will demonstrate and talk through the challenges involved in achieving this in SignPlot software. He will also cover provisions that enable bilingual signs for Wales to be designed by monoglots.

IT can also help with the choice of destinations and routes for any system of wayfinding and can ensure continuity. SignRoute, used for these tasks in the re-signing of London’s primary routes, will be shown.

Simon is involved in the current DfT comprehensive traffic signing review, which he will introduce and will explain both the opportunities it offers and its potential risks.

Simon Morgan is MD of Buchanan Computing and a director of Colin Buchanan, the transport and planning consultant. His experience ranges from typography and printing to traffic and structural engineering and the design of computer software. He is the author of SignPlot and is involved nationally in traffic signing policy matters and training with DfT, Highways Agency, BSI, IHIE, BPA, ARTSM and LASMA.

Official Website: http://www.signdesignsociety.co.uk/content.php?folder_id=21

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