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No vocals or conventional instruments appear, only sequencing overlap of different types of beats and tones. Influences from Indian music, hip-hop, Brian Eno-style ambient, house music permeate these compositions in addition to a host of other smaller influences. Sounds alot like Aphex twin to me. Like fellow sample artist Beck, Autechre are masters of sticking together random free-associations to make a moving, living carnival of layered cacophony. Autechre are Rob Brown and Sean Booth, and along with Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) are the reigning kings of the so-called IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) scene. Autechre have released many albums and EPs since their debut release in 1993. Envane is the EP they released just prior to their 97 album, and gives an indication of their constantly evolving sound. It further explores their fascinations with distortion and noise, offbeat and mutating rhythms, sonic intricacies and sense of melancholy melody. ?Goz Quarter? is an insectoid, hiphop workout with spasmodic sequences and lengthy swathes of resonant scratching. The second half introduces reflective strings and unstable, helical themes. ?Latent Quarter? intercepts a corrupted, digital broadcast. Cascading system failures are unable to restore order to chaos. ?Laughing Quarter? is an propulsive, mutative, liquid groove and the track that would pass most convincingly on a dancefloor. ?Draun Quarter? is the lengthiest track here. A more pensive, disembodied soundworld, heavy with regret and weary of life. Clattering beats and dejected synths soldier on through unsettling environs while cries for help are stifled mid-sentence unable to penetrate into a brighter universe.

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