711-1/2 Red River
Austin, Texas 78701

This week's [austin swim] is an extra-special one -- do whatever you have to in order to make it out!

Why? Because we're going to be treated to Satan's Cheerleaders doing dance and song tributes to [adult swim] at 9pm sharp!!! We're not going to ruin the surprises, but we can say two things:
1) Bone up on your [adult swim] trivia for the quiz show, and;
2) it's going to get very messy!
***Even better is that one lucky winner gets to hose the Cheerleaders off in the wading pool at the end of the show!
Yes, it's legal.
Email [email protected] and we might pick you as the winner during the quiz show!

And of course we've got a wading pool for you and WonderShowzen @ 8pm. Wear a swimsuit and get in for $1 off! Bring a towel and some friends and get ready to have some fun!

This week:
SUNDAY July 16th
Wonder Showzen @ 8pm
[adult swim] @ 10pm
Troy Dillinger @ midnight

BEERLAND 711 Red River
21+ $4

Click here for a map

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Check out AustinSwim.org !!!

See You Sunday!


Official Website: http://www.austinswim.org

Added by TroyDillinger on July 11, 2006

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