711-1/2 Red River
Austin, Texas 78701

Last week's performance by Satan's Cheerleaders was really awesome, thanks everyone who came and made the night so darn cool!

This week and from now on, my mission is giving you everything you want so you can have a great Sunday to get ready for the coming week. I've been listening to you complain and I'm going to give you EVERYTHING you want:
***1) Cheaper cover. It's only $3 to get in. $1 off that if you wear your swimsuit.
***2) FREE PIZZA from Rockin' Tomato Pizza this week. Free. Totally free awesome pizza at 9pm. Really.
***3) None of the shows that hardly anyone likes. We're playing your [adult swim] requests instead of MinoriTeam & Tom Goes to the Mayor.
***4) Less of ME. If you haven't noticed, me and the guys haven't been playing every week. We'll be back in a couple weeks though. I know you can wait.
***5) and don't forget that we've got our own local "bumpers" instead of commercials and cool prizes for the audience's favorite swimsuits. I'm not sure what else to give you but a hard time for not coming. Take a nap, it's worth it.

That should make it easier for you to get off your butt Sunday night and come sit on it at Beerland instead. And of course we've got the wading pool and WonderShowzen @ 9pm (the kids show for twisted adults). Bring a towel and some friends and get ready to have some fun!

This week:
SUNDAY July 23rd
FREE PIZZA from Rockin' Tomato & Wonder Showzen @ 9pm
[adult swim] @ 10pm
Cap City Comics @ midnight -- Lucas Molandez, Seth Cockfield, Ruby Collins

BEERLAND 711.5 Red River
21+ $3

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Thanks again to our sponsors! Rockin' Tomato - Dragons Lair Comics - Cap City Comedy Club - The Chrontourage - TimeWarner Cable - Rocket Banners - ElectroVoice - KOOP Radio 91.7FM - Mike's Print Shop
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See You Sunday! ----TROY

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Added by TroyDillinger on July 20, 2006

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