403 E. 15th
Austin, Texas 78701

WE'RE BACK!!! Screaming for ice cream?

Bring yourself, your friends, your family and even your dog to the 2nd Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival and come scream with us. This event will include lots of games, activities, contests and live entertainment as well as what we all scream for ICE CREAM! See the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!

ADMISSION: $2 for Adults. Children 12 and under FREE!!!

Presented by Amplify Credit Union and Whole Foods Market, the 2nd annual Austin Ice Cream Festival is an event centered around family, fun, and ice cream which harkens back to a time when ice cream trucks roamed the streets and running through sprinklers was an art form. While having a great time, we'll also be raising money for local charities, such as the Austin Children's Shelter and Paws

Official Website: http://austinicecreamfest.org

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This is the coolest event i've ever been to. There's ice cream everywhere. i love it. i went last year. www.canvaspress.com is even going to be there this year. I have pictures of all my best friends printed by them on my wall. i can't wait til aug 9th!

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The frozen dessert truck has come a long way from the average bread truck turned into a (questionable) ice cream parlor on wheels; seniority favored (territorial) selling routes, high franchise fees and low profit margins. Did you know that soft ice cream is one of the highest profit food items you can sell? The average mark up on soft serve ice cream is 800% and in some instances over 1000%. (depending on your location) An average gallon of ice cream mix can sell 24 medium cones. Selling at $2.00 per cone your gross income is $48.00 per gallon.

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