209 E. Ben White Blvd
Austin, Texas

It's time to hack at Austin DevHouse! This time the event will be located at the Austin Hacker Space ( http://www.austinhackerspace.org )

Austin Hacker Space
209 E. Ben White Blvd, #106
Austin, TX
Monday March 15
noon - midnight

BRING FRIENDS: If you have some friends who haven't come before, why not poke them with bacon until they do? If hanging out with their hacker peers isn't enough to convince them, entice them with the snacks, caffeine, and alcohol. For truly recalcitrant friends, use the secret weapon: http://www.austinhackerspace.org/HowToInviteFriends.

POTLUCK: We are entirely dependent on hackers like you. We will kindly accept donations of snacks, caffeine, and alcohol to share with your DevHouse peers.

LIGHTNING TALKS: If you would like to tell your fellow hackers about something you think is cool, head over to http://www.austinhackerspace.org/austin-dev-house/LightningTalks

WIKI: If you're thinking of coming, let everyone know by posting your name and vague plans to http://www.austinhackerspace.org/austin-dev-house

See you there!

Added by martinbogo on February 26, 2010