1309 E. 7th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

Join us for the first-ever Austin Data Mob!

On Tuesday September 23nd, we will gather for free beer, soda, pizza and Tiff's Treats at Conjunctured to enter information about Austin companies into CrunchBase en masse.

What is a data mob?

Data mobs have been most successfully implemented by Freebase, a semantic database company located in San Francisco California. It's a fun way to bring offline information online – and in so doing move us a little bit closer to the idea of a global knowledge commons. Data mobs are also just a great excuse to hang out, listen to music, eat, drink, and learn about cool new companies.

Why all the effort?

CrunchBase is an open-source database tracking technology companies around the world and as such is widely used and cited. CrunchBase was developed by TechCrunch, and specifically Henry Work and his team of merry Ruby pranksters. Henry has also been so kind as to give us a direct-access account that will push our new data live to CrunchBase immediately (and with great power comes great responsibility).

There is a lot of amazing stuff going on in Austin that doesn't get the recognition that it deserves. This is one of many initiatives to heighten Austin's national profile and promote the great community of entrepreneurs and technologists who reside here. We want new companies to, as John Erik is wont to say, "Ditch the Valley and Head for the Hills".

We are Austin, and we are Startup District.

Okay, gimme the deets:

Date: Tuesday, September 23nd.
Time: 7:30 p.m. – 'til
Location: Conjunctured, 1309 E. 7th Street

Sponsors: Porter Novelli, Conjunctured, Austin Startup, and Moximity.

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