135 North Grand Ave.
Downtown Los Angeles, California 90012

The historic conclusion to the epic ten-play
20th century cycle from America?s two-time
Pulitzer Prize-winner:

Aunt Ester's house at 1839 Wylie Avenue is slated for demolition in a redevelopment project when a stranger, claiming ownership, shows up and begins to paint it. Meanwhile, the government considers whether to declare Pittsburgh's Hill District blighted and unleash federal money for its development. Harmond Wilks has a plan to propel inner city kids into the middle class, but will it come to fruition? Will he be successful in his bid to be the city's first black mayor? Infused by the spirits and dreams of generations past, Radio Golf is a powerful, contemporary play that completes Pulitzer Prize-winner and Tony Award-winner August Wilson's extraordinary 20th century cycle of the African-American experience.

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