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Mobile Website Usability
Brands on the web live and die by the quality of the user experience. As the web expands from the laptop to the handheld, the rules change and the game gets harder. To develop a meaningful and intuitive brand experience on the mobile web, designers, technologists, and business owners must consider new constraints on user interactions, and account for them in innovative ways.

As the mobile web matures, we see more and more people with their mobile devices in hand, searching for hotel rooms, reading the news, or just playing video games. People are more connected with their mobile phone today than any other electronic device they use.

But how do you connect with users through mobile web sites and create exceptional experiences that are both functional and captivating?

During 2007, Molecular conducted a unique research project which sought to explore, analyze, and understand how users are interacting with the mobile web. More specifically, this exercise looked to understand what users expect from their applications, identify common usability mistakes, and recognize emerging design patterns in the mobile Internet. This presentation will share some of Molecular's findings, and discuss the impact for companies seeking to promote their brand on the mobile web. Usability expert Evan Gerber will provide insight on what these findings mean for the future of the mobile web and how you can apply it your business and improve you mobile marketing success.

Attendees will learn:
* The common weaknesses of the mobile interface, and how to avoid them
* Best practices for creating an engaging and memorable interface on handheld devices
* Critical differences between the mobile web and traditional web experiences
* Common problems inherent in current mobile design
* How users perform tasks on handheld devices
* The difference between miniaturization and mobilization

Speaker: Evan Gerber, Senior Consultant, User Experience, Molecular

$25 SVAMA members,$75 Non-members of SVAMA, $60 Partner members (ASAP, CMO Council, PDMA, PRSA, SFAMA, SVASE, WIC), $25 Student members with valid student ID.

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