San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, California 94125

"Our spaces are becoming the computer. Our things are becoming the computer. We are becoming the computer."
- Mark Rolston (CCO, frog Design)

The world's first and largest commercial augmented reality event. Its purpose is to accelerate the industry in order to make the physical world our platform.

Smartphones have done away with the need for large backpacks and heads-up displays. It's making way for the birth of a lucrative and highly transformative new industry.

AR represents a brand new media type and a new type of user interfaces; the significance of which is on with par with the first hypertext web browser or the introduction of the digital cellular phone.

AR may prove to be as significant as the introduction of the Internet itself. It will move computers off desks and out of their separate modality into our lives.

Gartner Research alone expects it to be used by more than 30% of the mobile workforce by 2014.

This world first event will take place April 21, 2010, at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. See for further information.

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