Kingsley St. Studios
Los Angeles, CA, California 90029

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Luna-c (Breakbeat Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Old Skool and DnB), The Los Angeles Hardcore Cartel (Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Uk Bounce, Makina, Gabber, and Electrocore), Skizz (DnB, Drumstep, Dubstep), mathematic (DnB, Drumstep, Dubstep), Ryan Kore (Hardcore, Happy Hardcore), Dj Smiley (Hardcore, Happy Hardcore), Spi C (DnB), Megaman (Hardcore, Happy Hardcore), Dj Flapjack (Happy Hardcore), Dj Tie (DnB), DiRTYRiCHKiDD (Dubstep)
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***Nice Guy Productions Presents***
***The First Annual Audio Armageddon***

August 11th 2012, Armageddon comes early as we raise the dark lord Cthulhu to reign as the supreme ruler of the rave. Join us as we adventure into the unknown to discover what looms in the darkness. Audio Armageddon 2012. Are you ready?

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Dark Lord's Lair:
[Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore]
( )
DJing at raves and clubs worldwide, Luna-C has become well respected in his native United Kingdom and many other countries, including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Poland. His name has become synonymous with a versatile and varied style of mixing, incorporating breakbeat hardcore, freeform, happy hardcore, old skool hardcore and drum and bass.

The Los Angeles Hardcore Cartel
(Nice Guy Productions)
A special one of a kind, never before seen, collaboration by none other than Dj's 2b Happy, Danger Dan, SkeYe ScrAper and TBear that is sure to blow minds and cause a riot on the dance floor. With over 40 years of combined experience behind the decks The Los Angeles Hardcore Cartel is on the scene with the best in HHC, Hardcore, Uk Bounce, Makina, and more! Prepare your souls for a feast of epic proportions!

Ryan Kore
(BeatdropMusic,Orbitradio. fm,Premier Hardcore,Fully Loaded) ryankore
http:// chaos-and-ryan-kore/ you-are-the-thunder-origina l-mix/hardcore/ 3977327.html
Hailing straight from the City of Angels itself, Ryankore has been a power-house even from his first days of entering the Electronic Music scene at the ripe age of 13. Raised by the beats and bass, he has
flourished into one of Los Angeles’ most hailed Hard Dance Dj and Producer. By the age of 22, Ryankore has already played for hundreds of adoring fans all over the U.S., and has also had the privilege to
share the stage alongside pinnacle Hardcore artists such as Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer, Stormtrooper, Darwin, Klubfiller, Joey Riot, and DJ Kurt (just to name a few). Most recently, he and collab artist – Chaos, have been inaugurated into the Lethal Theory family by having their track – “You Are The Thunder” released on the famous ‘Hardcore Innovators’ compilation under Lethal Theory Records. The climb to the
top has proven to be long and rigorous, but Ryankore has continued to prevail with his innovative sound, and his powerful stage presence.

DJ Flapjack
(Rave N' Beats, Holy Roman Empire, Raving Reploids)
Flapjack is an up-and-coming SoCal hardcore deejay whose passion for cheesy beats and dedication to his art has quickly rocketed him to a respected position among his underground deejay peers. A friend to kandi kids near and far, DJ Flapjack will soon be known for more than his friendly persona; his awesome taste in tunes and quickly developing mixing skills are sure to win over the hearts of happy hardcore fans, new and old!

(Raving Reploids)
Megaman has always been known for his mega heart and undying love for the underground. Dropping nothing but hardcore since his debut in the scene, Megaman's energy and ♥ for LA hardcore are unmatched by any competitors!

DJ Smiley
Widely known for his clean and sober state of mind, this goofy Dj is bent on blowing minds with his face-melting track selection and transitions. he moved to SoCal in late 2010 from Hawaii, so you know he's rocking' nothing but the best vibes.

Dj Archetype
(Nice Guy Productions)
Hailing from SD this hardcore head has been crushing the scene for years with his heart pounding bass and unique style of mixing. This is surely not to be missed!

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Soul Slayer's Shrine:
[Drum N' Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep]

(Dubplate Mafia Recordings, Loaded Dubz Recordings) skizzdnb
Skizz has been tearing up the Los Angeles and Boston Drum & Bass/Rave scene since 2007 with no means of slowing down. He has been producing Drum & Bass since 2007 and since then he has added Drumstep to his repertoire. Since moving to Boston in 2008, Skizz has built himself a respectable reputation around the area for his "in-your-face" jump-up style and live performance skills.

A local L.A./Ventura native, mathematic is known for his amazing attention to detail and seemingly endless record crate. An Audiophile among Audiophiles, mathematic has the sounds and skills to kill any dance floor with merciless precision.

Spi C
An S.D. native, Spi C has been known to terrorize dance floors all over So. Cal. Dropping a mix of crowd pleasers and original productions, Spi C is sure to keep your legs burning with excitement!

Dj Tie
Tyler Curtis AKA Dj Tie, started out in 2005 working as a promoter for Grapevines in LA California. The same year he helped co-found Renegade Noize with Sean Walsh. He started to throw underground parties in Palm Springs, LA and San Diego and in 2007 moved to San Diego and started hosting and setting up promotion for many events in Southern California. In 2010 he started working with Knight Vision and Organized Grime, by setting up lineups and doing promotion. He has also worked with events such as Adrenaline, which is a tuesday night OC Drum and Bass show which has brought many Dj's from around the world to Southern California. His passion for Drum and Bass has shown an influence throughout Southern California.

Dj Audeo
Born and raised in L.A 15 years in the music indusrty from the stage to studio from decks to digital Engineering to remixing DJ audeo has been on many Stages in many differnt venues, playing along side some of the best artist around such as Skylab 2000, John Kelly, Nigel Richards, Yabette, DJ Knowbody, Oliver Twist, Doughboy, Simply Jeff, Shaun King, and Venues from L.A to San bernadino. and The South Bay. Bringing you the best in Dubstep defiantly a DJ you dont want to miss.
Began my DJ career in 2009 amidst the indie-elektro “hipster” club scene on the East side of Los Angeles. My goal was to hit em HARD style. Synth Riffs and HEAVY BASS. Using my own remixes/mash-ups of EDM, pop, hip-hop, funk and disco. Playing out at events with the likes of Kim Ahn of Booby Trap, started out the infamous Betty with a bang alongside Dj Cielo. Had the pleasure of headlining the 1st all EDM night club in West Hollywood. And you can catch me as the featured DJ in Killed By Synth’s House Beat music video. I have the esteemed pleasure of rockin stages with Letron as her official DJ and back up vocalist. With my heart in the dirty, grimy scene on the East Side I’m now guest Djing at the biggest night clubs in Los Angeles. Playing out at events with guest performers Lil Kim, KARMA & Hazel-E to name a few. Ultimate goal is to TAKE OVER THE WORLD one dance floor at a time. Its really simple I just want to be like A-TRAK when I grow up.


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Kingsley St. Studios
5176 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Date & Time:
Saturday, 11 August 2012

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IM: sh4mhC
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