12 Alexander Street
Toronto, Ontario

Diplomatic Immunities is the interaction between a company of research artists and the inhabitants of the city. It takes the body of the city, throws it on stage, cuts it open and holds the contents up to the light. Not theatre, not a talk show, not a film or a news report - but all of them at once for the very last time. THE END.

Official Website: http://www.buddiesinbadtimestheatre.com/events/show.cfm?i_key=303

Added by countablyinfinite on February 2, 2007



Man, that sounds smugly highbrow, doesn't it?


High-minded, I'd say, not highbrow. See also the book Social Acupuncture. Maybe my girlfriend will let you borrow her copy? It's a quick read.


Whoever wants to, go for it - you have until the 24th before I fly it back to Toronto with me.