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We are pleased to announce VYP members are eligible for a limited time discount to attend Baron Mastery Institute's 'Attracting Force' Weekend Program featuring the inspiring and energetic Dov Baron.

Attracting Force is an INCREDIBLE 3 days of interactive learning designed to help you discover the power of your mind to attract exactly what you want into your life while challenging your limiting beliefs and fears along the way! The weekend is full of hands on exercises that are both profound and fun at the same time.

Over 22 VYP members took part in the last series of programs from BMI and the feedback was amazing! This is a must for all of our driven members looking for that next level of success in their lives.

About Baron Mastery Institute - www.baronmasteryinstitute.com

Whether you are looking to...
Advance your career
Develop deeper and more loving relationships
Energize your health
Or achieve financial freedom
Our seminars, workshops, and University programs will revolutionize every area of your life.

With over twenty years in the industry, Baron Mastery Institute has a proven track record as a world leader in advanced personal excellence education.

We provide you with the most practical cutting edge tools that allow you to breakthrough your fears, overcome your limiting beliefs, and harness your ultimate power, completely aligning you with who you want to be.

All of our programs combine innovative action-based learning with total immersion, giving you profound results quickly while providing positive lasting change.

Official Website: http://www.baronmasteryinstitute.com

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