2857 24th Street @ Bryant
San Francisco, California 94110

These Bay Area musicians push the definition of the singer/songwriter into radical new musical territories. Don't look for any "Smelly Cat" ditties here!

SANDY CHANG is singer/songwriter based in Berkeley. After years of performing as a dancer and as a vocalist in various choral groups, Sandy picked up the guitar at the age of 21 and began to create. For Sandy, songwriting satisfies the need for the long sought-after integration of a passion for music, training as a psychotherapist, and personal struggles related to identity, recovery, and being human. Her musical influences include Aimee Mann, Rebecca Riots, and Kris Delmhorst, and she?has studied with Raz Kennedy and Lisa Zeiler. Sandy released her first EP, entitled Balancing Act, in May 2004. Contact: [email protected].

OVERCAST consists of two members, Lyman Villaraza and Lee Cabuhat, whom after many years of marinating in their own musical sauces collaborated to produce meaningful music that fuses acoustic rock guitar rhythms, rock/funk beats and catchy melodies.? Their purpose is to solely produce music that emits their passion and desire to evoke thought and positive change within the listener. OVERCAST recently formed last July and hope to eventually be heard throughout the Bay Area.

LIAM MCCORMICK is a passionate singer/songwriter guitar gangster who enraptures audiences with emotionally profound lyrics and groove-oriented guitar lick loop sampling. Liam deviates from the standard fare of folky singer-songwriter stuff and makes the most of modern technology, utilizing multiple digital effects, a loop sampling station, and yes, even an acoustic guitar. Liam's first full-length album, "Dorm Room Recordings," recorded in a dorm room on an 8-track, has garnered the praise of musical peers and critics alike. Liam has shared the stage with numerous musical talents of the 21st century, among them, Dave Brubeck, Dan Potthast, and Megan Slankard. In his free time, Liam enjoys not going to class, writing songs about newly-acquired ex-girlfriends, and putting up fliers in the girls' bathrooms.

TENSEGRITY NINE is the Oakland, CA-based electronic pop duo of Peter Lim and Matt Payne. Peter sits at home next to rain-drenched windows and writes the words, while Matt bangs on the electronic instruments with a bit more precision than a 2-year old on a Fischer Price piano. Together, they produce noises that could coax angels from their heavenly dreams. Blending J-pop, acoustic rock, hip hop, experimental noise, children's spiritual, and spoken word poetry, Tensegrity Nine has become locally known as an "anti-genre" band for the new millennium. With Matt on the keyboards, bass, and "electronics," and Peter behind the microphone with guitar in hand, anything can happen (except for full-fledged firework displays set to amusement park music and a parade of inflatable neon-lit animals).
September 17, 2004, 8pm
Locus Arts at Galeria de la Raza, 2857 24th St @ Bryant, San Francisco

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