2 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Atlassian Summit is our first ever worldwide user conference. The event unites customers, partners, plugin developers and technical users in the Atlassian community.

Atlassian Summit features 2 days, 3 tracks, 30 sessions, 40 Atlassians and 10 million lines of code. From overviews to under-the-hood, there's something for everyone.

So what's on the agenda?

- the future of collaboration and dev tools
- roadmaps, feature previews and demos
- how-tos on deployment, tuning and mods
- in-the-code labs on plugins and APIs
- presentations from your peers
- "meet the engineers" workshops

Who should come?

technical teams: using JIRA, Confluence and Atlassian dev tools.
project managers: better teamwork and processes.
sys admins: managing Confluence or JIRA deployments.
engineers: better practices using Atlassian's dev tools.
developers: building custom plugins and extensions.
partners: building commercial plugins.
anyone: interested in Atlassian's products.


Added by multimodal on April 5, 2009