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Another Techie Entreprepreneurial Networking event. Again this will be being sponsored by the inimitable Michael Wright and Ideal People! Those of you who were at the last event will remember that he makes a spectacularly good host.

As with all the TENs this is more about the exchange of ideas than the exchange of business cards. There will be a mix of entrepreneurial techies (say 95%) and supporting cast (high-net-worths, recruitment specialist, start up company experts and so forth).

Initial drinks will be provided by our sponsor (thank you Ideal People) as will the venue.

This event was initally conceived by Rufus Evison and John Woods, though this month Simon Wardley is joining in the executive side. It is a venue for the genuinely entrepreneurial and the highly techie to meet up and benefit from the experience of others of the same type.

Hope to see you there
Rufus Evison

Added by Rufus Evison on October 28, 2007


Rufus Evison

Micheal Wright will not be representing Ideal People (our sponsors) but is sending a couple of colleagues with credit cards to help promote the flow of ideas. A few of the people who have confirmed directly are as follows:

Ed Simpson is an investment manager at The Capital Fund. TCF is a 」50 million venture capital fund which backs fast-growing, SMEs in Greater London. Initial investments can be up to 」250,000 and the fund has the ability to invest a further 」250,000 after six months or more. In some circumstances, alongside other new investors, The Capital Fund can follow on its investments with up to 」5m in total in a single company. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Arthur Andersen, where he worked as a management consultant. He then moved to Equinox Securities where he advised on a large number of corporate finance and venture capital transactions for SMEs. He gained hands on experience as COO / CFO of a rapidly growing medical company. He holds an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.

Nick Gallimore
Idealpeople's resident Blogmaster and Marketing Guru, Nick is attempting to bring the world of Recruitment slightly more up-to-date through an Enterprise 2.0 approach, and through encouraging better communication between us and an audience which, generally speaking, sees us as undesirables.
Ollie Ward
Idealpeople's London Branch Manager with a significant background in hiring for companies associated with iDTV, Digital Broadcast, DRM, Hosting and Grid Computing. Claims to be a "legend."
Scott Stonham
Technology marketeer with siginificant expertise in Mobile Advertising and Location-based services.
Jon Mell
Currently involved with start-up Web 2.0 company Trovus Ltd, Jon has a keen interest in Web Marketing. Formerly worked in Pre-Sales and Technical Consultancy for IBM and Logicalis, selling Websphere solutions.
Nils Hagner
Director and founder of Halfnote Ltd, responsible for mobilemiles.net

Ashley Friedlein lived through the dotcom boom and bust. My intial 'internet team' of three people grew to over 400 within just three years making us the largest UK digital agency by quite some distance. Following the bust the company shrank back down to 90 people within 6 months! He is also the author of "Web Project Management: Delivering successful commercial web sites" which was published in 2000 and also "Maintaining and Evolving Successful Commercial Websites: Managing Change, Content, Customer Relationships and Site Measurement" published in December 2002. They've sold over 40,000 copies and been translated into various languages (French, German, Korean etc.).

John Woods is a director of Synature (www.synature.com), the company behind a new technique for connecting and targeting online consumers based on their individual psychology. Prior to that he was the founder of web analytics specialists Site Intelligence, and before that has experience in decision support software for the pharmaceutical research industry. He is fascinated by the emerging social internet.

Jim Sterne is an international consultant who focuses on measuring the value of the Web as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Sterne has written eight books on using the Internet for marketing, produces the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit www.emetrics.org and is the Founding President of the Web Analytics Association www.webanalyticsassociation.org He was named one of the 50 most influential people in digital marketing by Revolution Magazine.

Daniel Klein works for SnowRoad Ventures and does freelance consulting
for people in the
IP TV space..
He is a graduate of Queens College Cambridge and has worked for PA
Consulting and been a software engineer.

Dr Alex Efimov is settign up something to commercially market GRID CPU cycles to
help academic server room recover costs...

Rufus Evison