45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Thurs, 22th July 2010 (arrival from 7.15pm, for a 7.45pm start).
@The Werks, 45 Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2BE. (map)

Slow loading websites, unresponsive pages, spinning beachballs of death - sometimes our efforts to use JavaScript to bring some life to our web pages inadvertently ends up killing them instead. But fear not! There are plenty of simple things you can do to improve the performance of the JavaScript on your site, and without having to be a 10th Dan JavaScript blackbelter either.

This session, given by Mark Perkins, will be about giving some practical tips and advice on how to make sure your JavaScript is helping your pages, not hindering them. And rather than going deep into arcane language optimisations, we'll be laying down some simple ground rules for quickly and easily optimising loadtime and runtime performance to hit your slow JS where it hurts.

Official Website: http://asyncjs.com/performance/

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