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If you are interested in bringing Advertisers and Content creators together and creating a set of advertising standards for downloadable media and what ever new media comes along here is your chance to get involved and help jump start the monetization of vlogs, audio podcasts and video podcasts.

The recently formed Association for Downloadable Media (ADM) will hold its first in-person meeting at the Podcasting & New Media Expo in Ontario, CA. The meeting will be held at 7:30 a.m. PDT on Friday, September 28, 2007 in Ballroom A. Anyone can attend who is registered as an expo attendee. Free and paid options are available at http://www.NewMediaExpo.com/register.php.

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Agenda items to be discussed include the goals of the organization, the continued membership drive, committee formation action plans, first priority deliverables as an organization, potential membership benefits for podcasters, and the process for the nominations for board seats and committees. After the initial member conference call August 22 nd, this is the first in-person meeting of ADM paid and prospective members and is shaping up to be a productive gathering. ADM has been successful at attracting members and has a roster of 50 publishers, agencies, vendors and metrics companies. The current membership list is posted on the site at http://www.downloadablemedia.org.

This meeting will be an opportunity for new members to bring forth action items for the ADM to address. It is open to all interested parties, but members will have priority for their contributions because of the limited meeting time. Since the meeting is open, it is an excellent venue to consider membership for those prospective members interested in seeking additional information about the organization and its goals. All industry professionals interested in monetizing their content are encouraged to attend.

Nominations for the 4 Executive Committees (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), 11 Advisory Board seats and 5 Committee Chair positions are now open. Any current ADM members may nominate themselves or other members for office positions on the executive and advisory board slots or as committee chairs. Details on the nomination and voting process can be found at http://downloadablemedia.org/membership.html.

About the ADM:
The Association for Downloadable Media is focused on providing standards for advertising and audience measurement for episodic and downloadable media.

Our constituents include individual podcasters, media companies, publishers, syndication companies and distributors offering downloadable media, advertising agencies, marketers, technology suppliers, hardware and software manufacturers of portable media products and services, market research firms and audience and advertising effectiveness measurement companies. Through our volunteer membership, the ADM provides leadership in and organization of advertising and audience measurement standards, research, education and advocacy to all those involved in portable media (Podcasts/ATOM/RSS media enclosures) across the Internet, iPods, MP3 players, mobile devices, P2P and other upcoming platforms.

Official Website: http://downloadablemedia.org/news.html

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