350 Kansas
San Francisco, California 94103

THIS MONTH'S TOPIC: The world of the very small isn't simply a scaled-down version of the big world we experience in every day life. That's why while classical mechanics accurately describes the motion of heavenly bodies, rocket ships, baseballs, and seesaws, we need quantum mechanics to describe the behavior of energy and matter at the atomic scale. And in this miniature world, some weird stuff can happen. An object can be in two places at the same time. Particles can pop into existence and then vanish, or go from spot to another without crossing the distance in between. One particle can even affect another particle meters away instantaneously. Weirdest of all, taking measurements of particles can fundamentally change their behavior — so how do scientists even know what they're talking about? Come learn the fundamental difference between the quantum world and the classical, and discover the principle methodology for probing particles.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Ask a Scientist is an informative, entertaining, monthly lecture series, held at a San Francisco cafe. Each event features a speaker on a scientific topic, a short presentation, and the opportunity to ask all those burning questions that have been keeping you up at night. No tests, grades, or pressure…just food, drinks, socializing, and conversation about the universe’s most fascinating mysteries.

ADMISSION IS FREE, but please support our generous hosts at Horatius by bringing your appetite and enjoying dinner during the talk.

Official Website: http://www.askascientistSF.com

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