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Among the myriad challenges faced by the modern world, here are two biggies: finding a clean, sustainable source of energy, and safely disposing of nuclear waste. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's LIFE Project (Laser Inertial Fusion-Fission Energy) has the potential to resolve both. LIFE is a hybrid technology that combines the best aspects of nuclear fusion, a clean, safe, and virtually unlimited energy source, with nuclear fission, a carbon-free, reliable energy technology already in use around the world. And by burning nuclear waste for its fuel, LIFE would provide the added advantage of dramatically shrinking the planet's stockpile of spent nuclear fuel. Come learn about the benefits and challenges of this promising new technology.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Ask a Scientist is an informative, entertaining, monthly lecture series, held at a San Francisco cafe. Each event features a speaker on a scientific topic, a short presentation, and the opportunity to ask all those burning questions that have been keeping you up at night. No tests, grades, or pressure…just food, drinks, socializing, and conversation about the universe’s most fascinating mysteries.

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