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Ask a Scientist is a new and different kind of lecture series. If you love watching Nova and reading Scientific American at the doctor's office, then this event is for you. Enjoy food, drinks, socializing, and conversation about the universe's most fascinating mysteries! http://www.askascientistsf.com/

This Month's Topic: The Secret Life of Ants

For such a tiny creature, the ant has always played a big role in human allegory; its physical strength, complex cooperative behaviors, and endless busy-ness have long fascinated us. Stanford's Deborah Gordon, author of "Ants at Work: How an Insect Society is Organized," researches the harvester ant, investigating the coordinated behavior of its colonies, the evolution of its unusual 3-sex system, genes linked to foraging behaviors, and much more. Come learn to appreciate ants as more than just pantry invaders and picnic ruiners!

Speaker: Deborah Gordon; Professor of Biology, Stanford University

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