500 E. 4th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Information Realities: Shaping the Digital Future for All is an in-depth look at information technology - and how it has enabled an expanding digital world, inextricably linked to our physical existence but revolutionary in terms of human creativity and thought. New technologies for mobile communication, massively distributed collaboration and real-time information sharing are radically impacting human expressions, interactions and records. We can anticipate a continuing demand for powerful information organization, aggregation and dissemination tools to harness these new information realities.

Join us in Austin, Texas, as we focus on the implications of these digital trends; opportunities that will arise as technology continues to develop; the dangers inherent in the expanding digital world; and discussions of the future information world and who will shape it.

Plenary Speakers: Susan Dumais and Albert-László Barabási

Official Website: http://asis.org/Conferences/AM06/index.html

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