32 Second Avenue
New York City, New York

98 minutes, 35mm, in Korean with English subtitles
Directed by: Park Jun-Woo
Starring: Lee Sung-Jae, Park Sol-Mi

Released in Korea in April 2004, DANCE WITH THE WIND is a comedic plunge into the seedy, glittering world of high intensity ballroom dancing. Lee Sung-Jae, the charismatic beanpole of Attack the Gas Station, Kick the Moon and Public Enemy, stars as a footwork enthusiast who gets drawn into the world of ballrooms and social clubs, driven to become a gigolo and a seducer of married ladies by his need to keep dancing. A female undercover cop, Park Sol-Mi, enters his world of sequins, tight trousers and tangos to gather evidence to expose him and the two engage in a cat n'mouse two-step.

DANCE WITH THE WIND is the debut film by Park Jun-Woo. His name may not mean much to Westerners, but to Koreans he's a hot commodity. The Korean film industry has made its mark with a series of energetic, complex, highly-polished epic comedies over the past several years, and Park Jun-Woo has written almost every single one of them: Attack the Gas Station, Kick the Moon, Break Out and Jail Breakers. He's a master of mayhem, and he gives DANCE a delicate comedic touch that anchors the laughs in the characters, no matter how out of control it all gets. The actors spent six months in intensive ballroom dance training and they glide, twist, twirl and step-ball-change across the screen like Olympic finalists.

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