1007 Market St (x6th st)
San Francisco, California 94103

Thursday February 15, 2007 7:30PM - Luggage Store 1007 Market Street @ 6th Street
The seventh installment of AAMS will feature improvisational and experimental music that is not very common to the Asian American community.

Ray of Mojo of My Heart - Musetta (vocals, harmonium), Shayna Dunkelman (percussion), The Norman Conquest (electronics)
Ray of Mojo of My Heart's music is a "bricolage of world, avant-garde, psychedelic, and lowercase packaged in a powerhouse trio of percussion, vocals/harmonium, and electronics." (The Daily Palindrome) TNC weaves a rich bed of sonic splendour upon which the dynamic duo, Musetta and Shayna, display both their virtuosity and their innate sensitivity. Their sound comes out of a collective force of musical performance that began a year ago and continued with TNC's Requiem for the American Empire, which premiered at the 2006 APAture Festival.
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SAY BOK CHOY aka Say Bok Gwai Large Ensemble
Cantocore duo,Say Bok Gwai, join forces with Val Mih(Jazz pianist) and Bill Hsu (electronics) in a set of improvisational and experimental music.
Alex Yeung and Andre Custodio of SBG have been part of the Bay Area improv scene for over 10 years.
Bill Hsu plays piano and works with electronics. He has performed in the Bay area, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Karlsruhe (Germany), and London.
Val Mih is a pianist, composer and filmmaker living in the Bay Area performing with the Eddie Gale Now Band since 2002. Her compositions incorporate improvisation and free jazz approaches to music making.
Bill Hsu
Val Mih
Say Bok Gwai

"Vholtz has been the going concern of Randy Lee Sutherland since 2003. Centered around different concepts in each lineup and varying from performance to performance, former members include Nick Lesley (Necking, Oma Yang), Gene Bae (Battleship), Eva Saelens (Inca Ore, Jackie O Motherfucker), Rob Enbom (Hale Zukas, Gang Wizard), and one-off appearances from guests like Brian Miller (DeathbombArc, Gang Wizard), James Ferraro (Skaters), Chad Stockdale (Weird Forest Records). Current line up includes Sutherland (Thin Ensemble, Control R Workshop, Brown Un, Sword and Sandals), George Chen (KIT, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle), Matthew Grothman (Wives, Neighbors, Woman's Worth), Paul Morgan (Business Lady), and Daron Key (Aciddrop, Stereo Motherfuckers)."


Official Website: http://www.monkeykingrecords.com/aams/index.htm

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