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ARTSHIP Ensemble premieres a searing theatrical work about individuals caught in the turmoil of rising and falling empires, and the sacrifices demanded by freedom of expression.

“The Burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria” tells the story of Hypatia of Alexandria – philosopher, astronomer, and the greatest mathematician of her time who was thrust into a dark, intolerant world.

Hypatia’s powerful story balances historical events and personal desire. Hypatia wanted only to live the uncomplicated life of a teacher, but she was thrust into a world overcome by darkness, intolerance, and the cultural oppression. When blamed for pagan sorcery, she intended to debate with her accusers but was instead murdered. Some suggest that Hypatia’s murder marked the end of the Hellenistic age. Despite Hypatia’s exclusion from official histories, her legacy has inspired scientists, writers, painters, and actors for centuries.

ARTSHIP Ensemble’s original production, conceived and directed by Slobodan Dan Paich in collaboration with the ensemble, examines the complexities of Hypatia as both a philosopher and as a woman.

Showtimes: Feb. 12-14 @ 8pm, Feb. 20-21 @ 8pm and Feb. 22 @ 2pm

Box office: (800) 838-3066 and brownpapertickets.com

Official Website: http://www.artship.org

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Beautiful performance. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the of the great sources of knowledge in ancient times, or who wants to learn about traditions that fused together sprituality and scientific inquiry.