20 John Prince's Street
London W1G 0BJ, England

Intersection - Approaching Collaborative Practice

Artquest is hosting a one-day conference to discuss collaboration between designers, applied and fine artists and professionals from other disciplines. The event is designed to appeal to established practitioners who want to hear first-hand from their peers about the critical, conceptual and practical challenges that arise when working as collaborators in a variety of settings.

- Why do artists and designers collaborate with professionals working in other fields?
- Is there such a thing as a truly democratic collaboration?
- How does working in partnership affect authorship and control of intellectual property rights, commercial and cultural values?
- What ethical factors need to be considered if a project is trans-national or cross-cultural?
- Can collaboration offer new research or creative possibilities for practitioners?

Booking information:
for further information on Intersection, including speakers biographies and the programme of events and booking forms, please visit http://www.artquest.org.uk/intersection

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