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from highway 61 (revised):
Why would I possibly want a second round at that? Well tonight, the Science Center hosted a special event - Body Worlds Artists Night! The admission was reduced, there were far less people meandering about the exhibit, and the good people at the Science Center encouraged all mediums to be brought and used - As I sat down (in the optional chairs they provided) to sketch out one of my favorites, the star warrior (a winking corpse with alternating bands of skin, exposed muscles, and bones) I found myself in the company of people using charcoal, pens, pencils, and even some setting up portable easels and painting. Live nude models patrolled the grounds as well, stopping and posing near the sculptures for 25 minute intervals, allowing people to compare the inner, and outer structure of the human body - not to mention the surreal spectacle of a bunch of naked people striking bizarre poses next to skinless corpses.

Official Website: http://hwy61.wordpress.com/2008/02/14/calling-all-artists-live-nudes-corpses/

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