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The Vacation Pictures of Scott Harrison

Saturday: May 31, 2008 – 7 pm – 10 pm
4543 North Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217 - (503) 281-7499
Check out some of Scott’s tattoo and flash work:

Online press release with images from the book:

"Scott Harrison is one of the most original tattooers currently walking on the earth's crust. Technically impeccable, stylistically magnificent, with an imagination that absolutely swings--I'm saving some skin for the guy."
---Chris Pfouts, Editor,
International Tattoo Art magazine

Scott Harrison is an internationally recognized tattoo artist, infamous for his peculiar cartoon imagery, twisted and appalling tattoo design sheets and lack of finesse. He has tattooed all over the US as well as Europe and Japan. His clients have included such diverse celebrities as Master P, Kiki Smith, Tony Fitzpatrick, and a good chunk of the cast of Miami Ink. Harrison’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums around North America and Europe. He has an MA in illustration, and taught cartooning at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Harrison currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. This 80 page tome of Terrifying Coffee Table Book Imagery Gone Wild only picks at the scab of Harrison’s creeped-out black and white cartoonery. Scott Harrison’s “Undigested Kernel” will also be on exhibit at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, May 2, 2008 at 8 – 11 pm. The show will feature 14 original 12" x 16" ink and paper pieces from the book and runs through June 2.

"Scott Harrison is the hyperactive love child of Aubrey Beardsley and Basil Wolverton. Imagine, if you can... Definitely not for the faint of heart."
---Thomas Woodruff

Undigested Kernel - The Vacation Pictures of Scott Harrison: Hardcover, 8" x 6" (landscape,) 96p, $19.95. Forward by Don Ed Hardy, Introduction by David Quale. Release date: June 1, 2008. Co-published by La Luz De Jesus Press and Last Gasp - (800) 366-5121, www.lastgasp.com - ISBN: 978-0-86719-695-5

For more information and hi- res images contact: Lee Joseph Publicity, p 818-848-2698 f 818-848-2699, [email protected]

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