77 Natoma (at 2nd)
San Francisco, California

Michelle Knox & Eunkang Koh 2-artist show of new works in metal and glass by Michelle Knox and gouache and ink by Eunkang Koh opens with a reception for the artists on Thursday July 10 from 6pm to 9pm. Both Koh and Knox approach the landscape of our reality (or unreality) from a tranquil center. Each artist has shown their work extensively, but this show marks the debut of Knox and Koh at Varnish Fine Art.

Eunkang Koh constructs worlds in gouache and ink on paper where creatures of an animal/human hybrid nature act, exist, and adapt within highly stylized, monumental environments. Koh's penchant for fantasy and storytelling was instilled in her by close relatives at an early age in Seoul Korea. Following travels to New York and Europe, Koh entered graduate studies in the US where she feels her true life as an artist began. Her personal philosophy is heavily influenced by early exposure to Korean myths and the tenets of Buddhism where the physical world in which we live is nothing more than a perceived illusion. "My characters contain ironic gestures that simultaneously evoke humor and the grotesque," says Koh. "My work illustrates how I see humans and human society. It is a visualization of my own perception of society using satirical and metaphorical representations of creatures." As Koh's work progresses the illusionary landscapes of her creation become equal players in the narrative.

San Francisco Bay Area artist Michelle Knox incorporates glass and metal in each work to create sculpture that emphasizes grace and subtlety of form. "My work and my working process attempts to find tranquility. To reconnect myself with myself and to others," says Knox.

No charge.

Official Website: http://www.varnishfineart.com

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