555 Great Northern Way (near Main & 2nd)
Vancouver, British Columbia

ArtCamp is an open, self-organizing "un-conference" geared toward sharing practices and ideas on art, media, networks and culture. The idea is to create an event in which conference structures are overturned in favour of collective, self-organizational models. ArtCamp is an experiment in bringing these principles into action in the context of art discourse, production and practice.

Maybe you want to come and demonstrate a piece of art software you have written, a freeware you are using for something, or tell people about a trick you’ve discovered in Flash. Maybe you’ve built a mechanical spider the size of a Volkswagen. Maybe you want to demo PD, stage a conversation about photoconceptualism, tell us why you hate net art, show us how you used RSS in your New Forms Festival piece, tell us about your organization, show people how to build a radio, pull together a test audience for a performance, hold a live interview with Douglas Coupland, or summarize Kant’s “Critique of Judgement” into a 10 point bulleted list. Maybe you want to support the event by taking photographs, lending equipment, or making milkshakes. It’s up to you.

Official Website: http://www.artcamp.pbwiki.com

Added by katearmstrong on September 13, 2006