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ArtCamp is an ‘unconference’, an event that uses principles of self-organization to bring together a group of people to talk, present, show work, stage conversations, learn new things, share ideas. It is an idea borrowed originally from the technology community, where it was observed that conversations happening outside formal sessions at traditional conferences were often more enjoyable, productive, and illuminating than the sessions themselves. To that end, an unconference attempts to provide a flexible framework where people can enjoy those sorts of conversations, presentations and interactions.

To ArtCamp, people are encouraged to bring a presentation, talk, demo, workshop etc (or any hybrid of these things) to this context. It can also be about staging a conversation or dialogue on some subject or issue. It is an open format and is meant to expand the boundaries of what can happen in a conference setting. Particularly appropriate to this kind of event are hybrid sessions that explore boundaries between applied and theoretical practice.


Official Website: http://newformsfestival.com

Added by katearmstrong on July 17, 2007