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Receiver and Poketo collaborate again and bring together over 20 artists from around the world in a themeless vocational exploration titled "I THINK WE BETTER SPLIT UP"

I Think We Better Split Up is a collaborative curating effort between Receiver Gallery and the art product company Poketo. Over 20 artists from around the US and Japan will display their current work. John Casey will be taking over the window display with a dimensional curiosity.

Opening with an artists reception from 6 - 10pm, Saturday, December 2nd, this incredible show runs until January 6, 2007 at San Francisco's own Receiver Gallery.


Miki Amano
Miki was born in 1979 and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City with a BFA degree in IIllustration.

Miki's textiles have been distributed worldwide in stores such as Spiral, Journal Stadard, Mitshukoshi (Japan) Harvey Nicholas (UK), Biffi (Italy), Fred Segal, and Calypso (USA). Her fashion illustrations have been published in several magazines including Jane, Bust, Cosmo Girl and YM. Her editorial work has been comissioned by Random House, Gakken, Poketo, Executive Update and others.

Taku Anekawa
Taku Anekawa, born in 1970, lives and works as an artist in Japan. He won the Best Award for the Sony Digital Entertainment Program in 1996, and he is currently the art director with design company, Kanikapila

John Casey
John Casey is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art. Several years ago he relocated to the Bay Area with his lovely wife Mary, where he is proud to be an Oakland resident.

Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson

Susie Ghahremani
Susie Ghahremani is an illustrator, musician, and stuff maker who just moved to California. She went to the Rhode School of Design and loves ice cream and her finches

Tim Gough
Tim Gough is a illustrator/designer based in Philadelphia, PA. In between a 9 to 5 and sleep he is usually drawing, wearing flip flops, and trying to convince his girlfriend that he is allergic to cats. Tim publishes a limited edition zine called 'Cut and Paste' a collection of drawings and things.

Stella Im Hultberg
Stella is an artist living in New York City.
When she's not drawing or painting, she likes to explore new nooks in the city; search for the perfect cupcake; and sit anywhere and watch people go about their lives.

Caitlin Keegan
Caitlin Keegan is a designer, an illustrator, and
generally just likes making things. She lives in
Brooklyn, NY with a collection of model hands and a
tiny dachshund.

Aya Kondo
Kondo was born in 1978 in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan. Her horoscope sign is Virgo and her blood type is AB. Aya's birthday falls on the same day as Queen's Freddy Mercury and Shiro Munakata. Her main art form is woodcarving and her work is strongly influenced by rock music. Her work strikes a chord with the Japanese urban youth.

Tomomi Kazumoto (Kazumo) is a silk-screen artist. She uses cute accents and pop colors to create scenes from a made-up fairy tale. She is currently working with Comme des Garcons and lives in Tokyo, Japan

Frank McCauley
The paintings of Frank McCauley investigate the distortions of language and logic, by looking at ways in which technology can influence perception. They do this by exploring instinct and irrational comprehension. When he takes the everyday person as his subject it is put through a process in which its features are distorted, suppressed, or intensified in the service of expressing something beneath or behind the observable surface. That is, something that is best implied in the slippage between the recognizable and what is unexplained or mysterious. Frank McCauley currently lives and works in central New York where he is pursuing an MFA in Painting. He is also the director of Spark Contemporary Art Space.

Ogi is a painter and illustrator born in Japan. He exhibits internationally, moving between two bases in Oakland and Tokyo.

Eamon Ore-giron
My name is Eamon Ore-Giron, I live in Los Angeles. These pieces are small fetishes, contemplations, examples of passing the time away. I find comfort in painting and drawing.

Nick Paparone
Nick Paparone was born in Stuttgart Germany in 1980. He received his BFA in 2002 from the Art Academy of Cincinnati . Currently, he is living and working in Philadelphia as an artist, a designer and curator of Black floor Gallery of which he is a co-founder.

Natalie Roland
Nathalie Roland has been printmaling since 1992. She shares a wood chip littered San Francisco treehouse full of records with a benevolent cat and a man called MC Rice Dream.

Casey Jex Smith
Casey Jex Smith graduated in 2003 from Brigham Young University with a BFA in painting and in 2005, received an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. He now works and resides in the East Bay where rent is more cheap.

Ryan Jacob Smith
Ryan Jacob Smith lives in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys collecting old science books and ephemera from thrift stores, skateboarding and buying records. He was raised in Orange County where he passed his early days rock collecting, bmx riding, skating and cub scouting. He graduated, with honors, from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (2001). His narrative work explores themes ranging from the earth and its environment to consciousness, the human body, survival and hurt and healing. Incorporating the traditions of illustration, painting, and collage, his work is a mingling of intention and improvisation. His innovative pieces bear the marks of their own history; fragments, mistakes and unconscious marks are incorporated into the composition such that each work represents an honest account of its own development. Combining acrylics, spray paint, silk-screen and graphite, Ryan's work is as much informed by the street culture of his youth as his formal fine art training.
-Jennifer Armbrust of Motel Gallery

Steve Smith
Steve Smith is proof that an adolescence diet should consist of more then comic books, punk rock, and cheap beer. Now hes all grown up, and his life is a shambles. There was an art school education in there somewhere too, but that's neither here nor there.

Hannah Stouffer
Hannah Stouffer is an artist and illustrator working in San Francisco

Nakao Teppei
Teppei was born in 1975 in Osaka, Japan. He graduated from Osaka University of the Arts, did a stint in an advertisement company, then entered and graduated from the specialty school, Setsu Mode Seminar. Since graduating, he has worked as a freelance illustrator. He works all year; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. His motto is, "NO ILLUSTRATION NO LIFE!"

Paul Urich
Born in South Carolina, 1974, lives and works in San Francisco


Poketo is a crazy collaborative of artists, founded by the two of us, Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. Totally eclectic, 100% unique, and independent to the core. We first launched our artist wallets in 2003 with a handful of emerging artists, produced in very limited editions, they acted as artist promo pieces to accompany the art show we produced. They were pieces of art that we wanted people to walk away with, keep on them always, and be the catalyst for interesting conversation. The artists designed them exclusively for us and we were able to promote the artists by adding bio and contact info inside of the wallet (something we still do on all Poketo stuff). Those who were lucky enough to have these gems, well, they have something that is now a collectible. The overwhelming response of what we were doing and making ignited Poketo!

ABOUT RECEIVER GALLERY Receiver Gallery, an exhibition space located in the Mission district of San Francisco, co-exists with Receiver Studio, an independent design firm. Our goal is to provide a showcase for local and national artists. Receiver is located at 1415 Valencia St. For more information please visit: http://receivergallery.com or call (415) 550-RCVR.


Official Website: http://www.receivergallery.com/shows/ithinkwebettersplitup.php

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