505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102

Art on the Walls: opening reception

Photos by Mona Brooks, Art Siegel and Gail Ann Williams
chosen for inclusion in the Art on the Walls program at the California Public Utilities Commission this autumn.

Art and Gail are local photographers known on Flickr as artolog and fotogail. They've shot and displayed work together several times, and are part of the communities of SFlickr and The WELL. The images they selected for this PUC show play with light, water and urban life.

UPDATE: Art and Gail will be joining Mona Brooks and her striking "Title Nine" images for this opening party.

Please come! It's your one chance to see this work after business hours at the PUC. Check in at the lobby and find us and our pictures on the Fifth Floor.

(P.S.: There will be an after-gathering from about 8:00pm at Olive Bar and restaurant at 743 Larkin near O Farrell Street)

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gail/1326185041/

Added by fotogail on September 4, 2007



looking forward to this!


The show is on the fifth floor. Check in with the guard at the lobby and come on up..


thanks to all the people who came. It was pretty confusling figuring out how to get in the building. Glad you made it!


Thanks everybody. that was fun!