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The word "negotiation" may give thought to hostage standoffs and high-stakes labor disputes, but a more common brand of conflict resolution exists and enters daily life at nearly every turn. Negotiation, in fact, doesn't necessarily even require another person. We should consider negotiation as "all interactions between two or more points of view; it's possible to negotiate with yourself."

Have you ever had a discussion with yourself about when to go to bed? Negotiations are seen on the way to decisions big and small - when to fill the gas tank, how to spend money, who picks up the kids, asking for a raise, negotiating a new job offer. Of course, negotiating a compromise over which DVD to watch isn't the same as signing the Camp David Accords, but HR Professionals can benefit from the same skills world leaders use to solve problems. And best of all, getting better at reaching agreement is pretty painless.

The art of negotiation is based in clear communication. Learn the communication process used by top negotiators.

Gary Purece is a senior executive career consultant who specializes in communication techniques in the San Francisco office of Lee Hecht Harrison. Gary's skills and successes are in the art of communication for executives who are developing career transition campaigns and need assistance in communication strategy. Gary is an in-demand Professional Speaker and Trainer whose highly developed presentation skills are widely recognized by the Bay Area business community.

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