100 Northern Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Carole Anne Meehan, coordinating curator for The World as a Stage, discusses the show’s ideas with exhibiting artist Mario Ybarra, Jr. and Arthur Nauzyciel, artistic director of the Centre Dramatique National, Orléans, France, and Director of the A.R.T.'s production of “Julius Caesar."

Official Website: http://www.icaboston.org

Added by ashmont on December 30, 2007



Awesome. :)


Yay. :D


Just one more reason/excuse for me to go to SXSW. /grin


Why not do it as part of BarCamp Austin?


Anyone else have any opinion on BarCamp? Seems like it might be a good option, albeit a little less focused.

irina slutsky

well, i think we should go to dinner before parties start.....what do you guys think?


BarCamp looks like fun, but I'm not convinced that it's going to have the same vibe as a wordpress meetup.


K good info folks, keep the comments coming. For those that have time to chat or IM, and especially anyone that has been to a WP meetup before:

IRC: #wordpressaustin on irc.freenode.net

Yahoo: richardtgoodwin


One thought has been around getting a specific side room/venue in the same BarCamp location and keeping it sectioned off for the Wordpress meetup. That way we can have some time to ourselves for a while, but others can come/go/mingle as needed. The benefits are:

- price breaks on food, drinks, coffee
- better net infrastructure
- closer to downtown for you party hounds!


That could be cool. Sounds great to me.


Folks, since Upcoming won't let me post long comments, and doesn't have RSS updates, check out my blog post comments for additional new details :)

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The address for this location was incorrect. Sadly, I made the $50 cab ride mistake to figure this out. So the location was not 7311 Decker Lane. Instead, it was Sixth and Lacava.

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