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“Myths and Understanding”

ArtVantage(UK) presents a corporate art exhibition on world myths with a separate sub-section featuring Henry Ford and Levi-Strauss,

The exhibition (CAEWM) will showcase paintings based on myths that correspond to the unifying character in them, their origin and belief and how they with diverse narratives essentially relate to one consciousness.

The paintings will reflect on the objective and formative quality of myths and how they can be better understood with a sense of direction in thinking and realization.

The focus of the exhibition will be to share knowledge, to discuss, apprehend, identify and classify problems and to rediscover the spirit of courage and comradeship to characterize the alluring qualities of all myths.

The central idea behind the exhibition is “Inspiration, Imagination & Innovation”- pivotal to sustenance of a corporate identity of any organization, institution and company.

Last but not the least, myths are interesting narratives that have fascinated mankind since the earliest times. They have a lot to teach us not practical implementation side of any moral principle but some deeper truths which they only can express in their own subtle language of beauty and grace .

Conference delegates will be welcome to visit the exhibition and enjoy the paintings on display.

Official Website: http://www.bangalore.assessmenttomorrow.com/html/artvantage.html

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