46 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105

That's right. Ars Technica is throwing a pre-Keynote party on Monday of Macworld week, co-sponsored by our friends at Gizmodo. The event will have food and free drinks for an unspecified amount of time, so be sure to get there early if you want to hang out with the cool kids. There will be lots of free Ars schwag available, both just laying around and given away in a raffle, as well as giveaways from No Starch Press—copies of Inside the Machine by our very own Jon Stokes, Cult of Mac, and Cult of iPod included.

For those of you who don't like to read, here are the relevant details:

Date: January 14 (Monday)
Time: 8pm Pacific Time
Location: Harlot at 46 Minna St, San Francisco, CA
Map: Linky linky
Schwag: yes
Insanely smart and attractive company: yes
Steve Jobs fighting Godzilla: unconfirmed

Official Website: http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2008/01/08/join-ars-technica-gizmodo-for-pre-keynote-macworld-party#Comments

Added by carpeaqua on January 8, 2008



count me in ;-)


Thank you Adam Jackson for sending this event info to me.


I´m in


I hope Ars Technaca won't be relying on any video displays equipped with IR ports.


Wish I was going, I love Harlot :(