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London, England

rare london date for arovane

Added by illperson on March 13, 2006



Arovane City Centre Offices LIVE
Digitonal Seed Records LIVE
Sancho Seed Records LIVE
The Exgirlfriends LIVE
Le Couteau Jaune LIVE

+ Seed DJ support.

Arovane is Uwe Zahn, the Hamein born, Berlin based purveyor of electronic music par excellence.
Since the late 1980's he has been at the forefront of the electronica scene releasing quality cuts on DIN, City Centre Offices and Morr Music amongst others, his devastatingly organic style; an armada of bleeps, crunches and cracks sailing across a synthetic sea of haunting and unforgettably heart warming melodies.
Past triumphs in the field have included the awesome Tide and Lilies LP's, from 2000 and 2004 respectively, as well as releases under the Nedjev alias for the Rough Trade Shops compilations on Mute.
Last year he told the world he was having a break from making music. This year he has agreed to do a one off UK exclusive for Seed. Expect some seriously fresh produce from a man whose musical mind has been compared to Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Digitonal are a multi faceted classical/electronic musical hybrid hailing from England and Egypt.
Their debut album on Toytronic ushered in the beginning of a new and influential wave in modern day composition, the band fusing broken beats and soundscapes with multi tracked violins. Their follow up EP on Seed, the stunning, 'The Centre Cannot Hold,' further developed their unique crossover sound and utilised vocals from none other than Kirsty Hawkshaw of Opus III and Orbital fame.
Having re-scored Kubrick's, 'The Shinig,' to critical acclaim and becoming a regular feature on Classic FM's Chiller Cabinet, past shows have seen them woo crowds everywhere from San Fransisco to Prague, the Eden Project to the RFH.
Tonight, they play as a full live band in preparation for their annual fixture at the Big Chill Festival.
Sancho is Seed Records latest signing and a departure very much from the norm.
Originally recording his debut album, 'Mystery Year,' (to be released at the end of May) on a 12 track, the man behind the music, Paul Hanford, turned his hand to everything from piano to harmonica. Several months on and he's now assembled a seven piece band to tour his masterly sonatas with additional performances from the Paper Cinema.
Sancho's sound is as vast as it is intricate; with krautrock, spacerock, folk and concrete all being referenced before undergoing the most virtuoso of metamorphoses to become, quite literally, a musical butterfly of such splendor that it will leave you in awe of its advent for days to come.
This is their album launch evening.
The Exgirlfriends started in a pub, on a rainy night, in the midst of a fist-fight, amongst shattered glass and human debris. Their remit to rock is no fuss, no fx, no w*nk. Early reviews stressed the importance of a band almost on the verge of self destruction. All their songs are GOOD.
A double A-side will be released later in the summer on Seed's offshoot label, Seed Satellite.
Le Couteau Jaune are the b*stard offspring off an unholy marriage between spoken word and experimental musicianship.
A heinous crossbreed that manifests itself as some of the most subversive and dissolute prose ever penned by man with a bountiful instrumental back drop of musicians and performers, they are a sonic sarcoma.
It goes without saying that you'll be gently disturbed by this evening's proceedings, but don't worry, ambulances will be on stand by.



fucking superb..have been wanting to see arovane for a while..


got my tickets.. nice!


nice... this should be good