2513 Blanding Avenue
Alameda, California 94501

An exotic collage of timbres and disciplines, Arkansas Bindi Society and Australian Bebop Ragas will each perform a set in a shared evening of sacred and profane, globally-eclectic, rhythmic, and highly unearthly hybrid music. You'll hear Celtic, Indian and Middle Eastern-style vocals, Indian Classical ragas with didjeridu, groove harp, Asian-influenced strings and winds, electric bass and world percussion, all turned inside out, combined and transformed in innovative and unique ways to create truly contemporary global music. These recent arrivals in the Bay Area music scene create a true fusion of harmony and the spirit of sound.

The Arkansas Bindi Society combines Celtic, Indian and Middle Eastern-style vocals with Classically-tinged groove harp, world percussion, one-of-a-kind Asian-influenced strings and winds, and kick-ass electric bass. The instruments merge to produce a global, rhythmic, spiritual and highly unearthly timbre. The sound is reminiscent of Imhoff's Beasts of Paradise and Ring, and Haunted by Waters, McWhir, Blaine and Obee's original collaboration.

Celebrating the release of their first CD, Snakes and Ladders, the extraordinary & innovative trio: Australian Bebop Ragas weaves together intriguing elements from far-flung corners of the globe to create an adventurous new musical hybrid! Snakes and Ladders is on the Family Tree Music label out of the San Francisco Bay Area and is produced by Simon Tassano, known for his collaborative work with Kent in Trance Mission and Lights in a Fat City & also producer for veteran UK guitar hero/songwriter, Richard Thompson.

Australian Bebop Ragas is: Stephen Kent (didjeridu maestro) Jim Santi Owen (world fusion drummer & tabla player) Teed Rockwell (touchstyle fretboard pioneer)

Arkansas Bindi Society is: Tina Blaine (percussion) Barbara Imhoff (harp) Jaron Lanier (mega-instrumentalist: bowed psaltry, oud, triple flute, & much more) Cait McWhir (vocalist/Indian harmonium) Jeff Obee (electric bass)

$12 in advance; $15 at door.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/arkansasbindisociety

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